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Adam Pateman returns to talk Orlando, facial memory loss, and Indian weddings.

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Sophie Buddle returns to talk Facebook mistakes, baby babble, and obscure wrestlers.

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Mark Chavez returns to talk unruly passengers, the midnight sun, and professional soccer.

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Katie-Ellen Humphries returns to talk sober raves, walking to work, and losing an earbud in your head.

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Nima Gholamipour returns to talk escape rooms, Mother's Day, and Fly Over Canada.

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Erica Sigurdson returns to talk matching outfits, placentas, and vermin.

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Emmett Hall returns to talk about bringing rain to Japan, Seinfeld theme covers, and street needles.

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Please go to to donate to Pat Placzek's treatment. This episode was recorded live from Vancouver's Rio Theatre on Saturday, May 9th, 2015. Alicia Tobin and Charlie Demers joined us to talk spiderbeards and sniff vape juice.

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Ryan Beil returns to talk spring training, Pet Shop Boys, and Burger Chef.

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Comedian Al Madrigal joins us to talk home improvement shows, ice cream obsession, and dance competitions.

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