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Canada's top comedy podcast. Hosted by Graham Clark and Dave Shumka, with weekly guests. Hilarious weekly guests? Yup.

Dave and Graham cap off 2023 with a call-in show featuring the listeners and their questions, talents, and a discussion of where exactly Justin Bieber gets his peaches.

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Comedian Alicia Tobin returns for a holiday spectacular to talk Selling Sunset, dead queen pranks, a return to Arby’s, and our annual Secret Santa.

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Comedian Malik Elassal returns to talk Bubba Gump, pizza, and hotel microwaves.

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Comedian Michael Balazo returns to talk comedy books, A Few Good Men, and more queen pranks. Plus an impromptu round of Celebrity Crush Hat.

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Comedian Alistair Ogden joins us to talk Toronto’s 5 best things, the dentist, and KISS live.

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We're taking this out from behind the paywall and sharing it with you. Dave and Graham listen to a few commercial jingles sung by our talented listeners.

Want to hear more bonus episodes? Support us at $5/month at

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Comedian Jackie Pirico returns to talk metal detecting, jogging, and eye drops.

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Comedian Adam Christie returns to talk daily internet games, Ikea, and touch tone phones.

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Improviser Mark Chavez returns to talk Let’s Make a Horror, the Britney Spears book, and airport lounges.

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Comedian Kate Davis joins us to talk dying, tombstone recipes, and acupuncture.

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Comedian Aaron Read joins us to talk American Pie movies, ultrasonic cleaners, and Spirit Halloween.

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Comedian Kevin Banner returns to talk lasagne weather, the return of hockey, and wedding clothes.

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Improviser Nicole Passmore returns to talk birthdays, legal dreams, and bulk candy.

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Comedian Brent Butt returns to talk his debut novel Huge, tastelessness, and clown fears.

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Comedian Jordanne Brown joins us to talk bunny hugs, Arachnophobia, and The Old Spaghetti Factory.

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Comedian Aparna Nancherla joins us to talk about her new book Unreliable Narrator, Tamagotchis, and taco trucks.

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Comedian Erica Sigurdson returns to talk bank teller secrets, fair food, and party planning.

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Comedian Tim Gray returns to talk shingles, Apocalypto, and Aqua.

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Comedian Caitlin Howden returns to talk improv gone bad, Arby’s, and smoky skies.

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Writer and podcaster Jason Klamm joins us to talk his ‘90s sketch comedy book, Ninja Turtles, and Quicksand.

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Comedian Bita Joudaki returns to talk cockroaches, espresso martinis, and opera.

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Comedian Danika Thibault returns to talk moving to London, traveling to Scandinavia, and canoes.

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Podcaster Stefan Heck joins us to talk Frank D’Angelo movies, beach fries, and Fast X.

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Comedian Racquel Belmonte returns to talk teen magazines, boy bands, and old references.

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Comedian Sean Clements joins us to talk memorable episodes, tennis scoring songs, and iPad tricks.

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Comedian Jen Kirkman returns to talk Lenny Kravitz, reading in a restaurant, and nosebleeds.

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Comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries returns to talk haircuts, music videos, and wedding speeches.

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Comedian and musician Emmett Hall returns to talk scoring a movie, Dave’s new favourite TV show, and fighting for a taxi.

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Actress Tess Degenstein returns to talk candle movies, taxis vs Teslas, and baseball.

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Comedian Sophia Johnson joins us to talk soap opera acting, crow rescue, and spoiled oat milk.

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Comedian Everardo Ramirez returns to talk first jeans, Love and Death, and prom.

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Comedian Myles Anderson joins us to talk piano, fighting at the pet store, and a sweaty concert.

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No guest this week as we talk about a big Vegas wedding, Robert DeNiro’s handsomest movies, and putting out fires.

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Her own person Abby Shumka returns to talk languages, listener mail, and macaroni.

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Actress Kelli Ogmundson returns to talk American pronunciations, sports fever, and saxophone music.

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Comedian Aaron Eves joins us to talk double church, six movies, and an Indian food snafu.

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Comedian Alana Johnston joins us to talk becoming American, topical ointments, and a weird protest.

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Comedian Nathan Hare joins us to talk Moby Dick, spending too much on foodstuffs, and a new chapter in the dead Queen prank war. No friggin’ way.

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Comedian Nathan Macintosh joins us to talk Super Soakers, digging dogs, and trifle.

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Comedian Maddy Kelly returns to talk Popcorn For Dinner, Cheesecake Factory, and flight delays.

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Comedian Charlie Demers returns IN STUDIO to talk new babies, hot dog commercials, and Avatar 2.

Plus, it’s week 2 of MaxFunDrive 2023. Support the show at

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Comedian Alicia Tobin returns to talk queen pranks, fun errands, and airport security.

Plus, it’s week 1 of MaxFunDrive 2023. Support the show at

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Comedian Alannah Brittany joins us to talk motorcycle noises, Arrival, and a famous stool.

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Stuart Wellington from the Flop House joins us to talk Bar Rescue, mountains, and snowmen.

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Courtney Gilmour returns to talk perfume, poached eggs, and cookbooks.

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Comedian April Richardson joins us to talk British money, tulips, and new nachos.

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Improviser Ryan Beil joins us to talk Let’s Make a Rom-Com, grocery drama, and car batteries.

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Comedian Christine Bortolin returns to talk elf life, dreamy times, and dog sledding.

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Comedian John Hodgman returns to talk Dragon’s Lair, the devil, and New England bowling.

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Comedian Bita Joudaki returns to talk Backstreet Boys, Subway service, and bad documentaries.

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Comedian Ivan Decker returns to talk serums, seven movies, and Downy Unstoppables.

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Comedian Ryan Steele joins us to talk wine on tap, a broken finger update, and catching covid.

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Comedian Luba Magnus joins us to talk foraging, a broken finger, and a bad hotel.

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