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Canada's top comedy podcast. Hosted by Graham Clark and Dave Shumka, with weekly guests. Hilarious weekly guests? Yup.

Comedian Conor Holler returns to talk lycanthropes, Christmas donkeys, and male burlesque.  Then we get some drunk dials.

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The wonderful Abby Campbell returns for our Christmas episode to talk  getting engaged, Dave's dreams, and Swiss cheese dishes.  Then Emmett  Hall and Chris Gauthier stop by to perform a Christmas pageant.

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Comedian Damonde Tshritter joins us to talk about alternative Christmas movies, video arcades, and owls.

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Dan Werb of Woodhands returns to talk about Predators, sleep disorders, and beard paintings. Then we talk to a listener who attended the Spiderman musical.

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Peter Oldring of This Is That joins us to talk crank calls, divas, and which Gyllenhaal is prettier.

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Comedian Sunee Dhaliwal joins us to talk basketball movies, mustaches, and Burlesque.

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Famous comedian Paul F. Tompkins returns to talk knock-off toys, award shows, refugees, and bachelor parties.

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Dave and Graham go without a guest and talk about international waters, phony bands, and no references from post-2004.

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Comedians Debra DiGiovanni and Darcy Michael join us to talk about Halloween, having a law named after you, and lunchbags.

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Comedian Moshe Kasher joins us to say the most swears ever and talk about Australia. Meanwhile, Dave got engaged.

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Improviser AL Connors joins us to talk waterslides, the Yukon, and if Graham would make a good Big Brother.

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Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny of Citizen Radio join us and it gets  political, then it gets less political, then we talk about headbutting  someone to death.

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Comedian Eddie Pepitone joins us live from the Vancouver Comedy Festival to talk Tony Danza, CSI, and Smurf movies.

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Comedian Kyle Kinane joins us to talk trampolines, bed bugs, and parental exclamations.

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Improviser/Podcaster/Quizmaster Shaun Stewart joins us to talk musicals, bad advertising slogans, and fluffernutters.

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No guest this week as we talk rock concerts, cartwheels, and job requirements. Later, we rank male nudity possibilities and Graham catches Dave not listening.

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Almost Live's John Keister joins us at Seattle's Bumbershoot festival and we talk bad tattoos and play a round of Graham's Dad Movie Reviews.

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Comedian Paul Myrehaug returns to talk mascots, dying trades, and cupcake TV.

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Kaitlin Fontana returns to talk conventions, Playboy, and quitting stories.

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Comedian Darcy Michael returns to talk LARPing, getting stitches, and Chuck E. Cheese.

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Pat Kelly from CBC's This Is That returns and we spoil every M. Night  Shyamalan movie, tell childhood camp stories, and Graham explains how  fireworks work.

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Comedian Jeff McEnery joins us to talk skydiving, sunflowers, and country music.

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Abby Campbell returns to talk wiener dog races, Just For Laughs, and play a round of Celebrity Crush Hat.

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Brad MacNeil returns for a super summery episode, complete with skinny dipping, summer TV, and the rules of Jinx.

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Comedian Alicia Tobin returns to talk about butchers, Pig Pen, and how drugs are made (we have no idea). Then we play Fake Band/Real Band.

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No guest this week as we badmouth hippies, talk about our favourite things, and play a round of Don't Get Me Started.

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Comedian Simon King returns to talk about kids today, shirtlessness, and fictional sandwiches.
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Lauren Martin returns to talk Justin Bieber, astrology, and we stuntcast Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
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Troubadour C.R. Avery joins us to talk Jim Morrison, Iron Man 2, and screen doors.
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Comedian Erica Sigurdson returns to talk Hedonism, Dave's trip to LA, and sustainability.

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Cameron Reed joins us to talk award shows, the Lost finale, and celebrities who look like they smell bad.

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4-timer Charlie Demers stops by to talk comfortable footwear, comic strips, and  fake bands.

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Ryan Beil returns to talk To Catch A Predator and tribute bands, then we open a package.

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No guest this week, as we talk about feeling like hoboes in fancy restaurants and getting beaten up in high school. Then we do Don't Get Me Started and Drunk Dials.

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Comedian Bita Joudaki returns to talk pop starlets, Freddy Krueger, and beer with ice.

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Comedian Josh Stubbs joins us to talk Haiku, Barbitsu, and play a round of Graham's Dad's Movie Reviews.

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Comedian Jason Bryden returns to talk about Foursquare, fatherhood, and Conan O'Brien.

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Comedians Jordan Morris and Chris Fairbanks join us to talk about wrestling, Regis, and Jim Carrey's early years.

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Comedian Allyson Smith joins us for some The View-style hot topics including free speech and helping the janitor.

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Comedian Mike Thomas joins us to talk about animal saints and Joe DiMaggio (not the baseball player, the literary device), then we make a big announcement with Jesse Thorn, then we do some overheards. Happy? Happy.

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Nicole Passmore returns to talk kissing, creeps, and Ke$ha.

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No guest this week as we talk about The Oscars, female jockstraps, and we design a Teen Wolf video game.

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Comedian Ivan Decker returns to wrap up the Olympics, cool penguins, and gettin' tipsy with some drunk dials.

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Improviser/writer/etcetera Diana Frances joins us to talk leather pants, cruising, and more Olympics.

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Artist Ehren Salazar joins us to talk more about the Olympics, Stephen Colbert, and skipping stones.  Unfortunately, this episode is cut short by tech troubles.

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Kevin Lee returns and we basically just talk about The Olympic opening ceremonies and a shirt made out of pizza.

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Graham's brothers join us for our 100th Episode Murder Mystery Spooktacular, featuring appearances by Paul F. Tompkins, Adam Lisagor, Emmett Hall, Abby Campbell, Lou Ferrigno, and Russell Johnson (The Professor from Gilligan's Island).

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Improviser/actor/Stargate technician Gary Jones joins us to talk commercial auditions, tarantulas, and dog whispering.

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Improviser Taz VanRassel returns to talk about generations, skipping rope, and Golden Tee.
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Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat joins us to talk gambling, box office flops, and Sex Rehab.
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Sara Bynoe returns to talk about getting punched in the face, grinding, and Avatar.
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Episode 95 - Mark Shumka Dave's brother joins us and we have nothing to talk about. Fortunately he brought notes.
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