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Comedian Aaron Read returns to talk homo sapiens, oysters, and Christmas parties.

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Comedian and writer Charlie Demers returns for our Christmas episode, where we do our annual Secret Santa gift exchange and talk about a certain panopticon.

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No guest as we talk about Dave’s birthday, the Grinch, and choir fights.

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Comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries returns to talk comedy panels, cities for kids, and WE Day.

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Comedian JJ Whitehead returns to talk donuts, nacho helmets, and island life.

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Author and Throwing Shade host Erin Gibson joins us to talk Erin’s new book, Dave’s new shelf, and Justin Timberlake’s new album.

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Comedian Morgan Brayton returns to talk legal drugs, the Craigslist free section, and targeted shirts.

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Author Paul Myers joins us to talk the Kids in the Hall, mime, and coat checks.

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Comedian Steph Tolev joins us to talk ghosting, phone numbers, and voting.

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Comedian Maddy Kelly joins us to talk witchcraft, Smallfoot, and suburban malls.

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Comedian Jon Dore returns to talk cyberbullying, haircuts, and hailing taxis.

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Rapper/writer Wordburglar (Sean Jordan) joins us to talk delivering papers, moving, and old twins.

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Comedian Eddie Della Siepe returns to talk skunks, Ikea, and Bachelor in Paradise.

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Comedian Brent Butt returns to talk bowling trophies, traffic conventions, and the dump.

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Recorded live as part of JFL42 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto on September 23rd, 2018.

Thanks to Mathew Lewis (@Thelewt) for the photo.

Come see Stop Podcasting Yourself LIVE this fall.
Oct. 4 - Calgary
Oct. 5 - Edmonton
Oct. 6 - Saskatoon

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No guest this weeks as we talk Aerosmith, deodorant, and physicals.

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Recorded live at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto on June 30th, 2018.

Come see Stop Podcasting Yourself LIVE this fall.
Sept. 23 - Toronto
Sept. 25 - Winnipeg
Oct. 4 - Calgary
Oct. 5 - Edmonton
Oct. 6 - Saskatoon

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Comedian Amber Harper-Young returns to talk dance crazes, chick flicks, and sunburns.

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Recorded live at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver as a part of Just For Laughs Northwest, March 8th, 2018.

Comedian Andy Haynes returns to talk ringette, the fair, and the aquarium.

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Comedian Chris Locke returns to talk Richie Rich, green bananas, and Juggalos.

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Musician Kritty Uranowski joins us to talk John Travolta, uninvited conversations, and Tom Cruise.

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Caitlin Howden of the Sunday Service returns to talk lavender, crumbles, and the Jersey Shore.

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Comedian and musician Emmett Hall returns to talk Morocco, parking, and Just For Laughs.

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Comedian Sophie Buddle returns to talk horse girls, Mamma Mia, and dirt malls.

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Comedian Kevin Banner returns to talk butching, broken toes, and soccer.

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Abby’s Aunt Sheila Campbell joins us to talk Swedish candy, Morrissey, and indoor yard sales.

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Comedian Jane Stanton returns to talk dogs swallowing coins, tooth troubles, and losing your phone.

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Taz VanRassel of the Sunday Service returns to talk high school reunions, Twilight, and a gentleman’s club.

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Comedian Lachlan Patterson returns to talk taxidermy, fire, and more wrestling.

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Christine Bortolin returns to talk high school parties, kids with colds, and New York City.

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No guest this week as we talk about Bette Midler, phone games, and Gigli.

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Comedian Ron Funches joins us to talk fancy toilets, wrestling, and tiny planes.

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Paul Anthony returns to talk about getting kicked out of the Smallville sex cult, local news stories, and babies in movie theatres.

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Improviser Allie Entwistle joins us to talk beach snakes, fashion rules, and street jokes.

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Comedian Ivan Decker returns to talk about winning a Juno Award, art galleries, and motorcades.

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Comedian Erica Sigurdson returns to talk couches, celebrity heights, a tennis lady, and plane etiquette.

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Kevin Lee of the Sunday Service returns to talk medical procedures, erotic thrillers, and people who stink.

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Actress and improviser Kelli Ogmundson joins us to talk musical theatre, Borg vs. McEnroe, and the Indian holiday of Vaisakhi.

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This is That's Pat Kelly returns to talk about true crime, hockey twins, and concert etiquette.

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Performer and podcaster Stacey McLachlan returns to talk wall art, egg hunting, and double features with the mayor.

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Comedian Darcy Michael returns to talk plastic surgery, eye doctors, and kiwi fruit.

It’s week 2 of #MaxFunDrive 2018. Support the show and become a member at maximum Thanks a lot!

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Your fave Alicia Tobin returns to talk about a doll that looks like her, fixing phones, and Michael Buble.

It’s week 1 of #MaxFunDrive 2018. Support the show and become a member at maximum Thanks a lot!

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Comedian Amanda Brooke Perrin returns to talk morgues, the valley, and locking the bathroom door. Also, Graham sings the hits.

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Debra DiGiovanni returns to talk moms, crepes, and Canadian frozen foods.

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Comedian Kyle Kinane returns to talk RC cars, band photos, and donating organs.

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Comedian Emily Heller joins us to talk pen pals, a brush with the law, and a hockey game. Plus, we count down our top 5 crackers.

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Comedian Abdul Aziz joins us to talk soda water, food dehydrators, and bed and breakfasts.

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Mark Chavez of the Pajama Men and the Sunday Service joins us to talk mammoth meat, the stranger Dave met, and teen drinking.

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No guest this week as we explore the worlds of trading cards, Oscar bait, and municipal politics.

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Comedian Kathleen McGee returns to talk past lives, bowling alley carpet, and finding wallets.

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Comedian Chris James joins us to talk cats in heat, balding with dreadlocks, and movie channels.

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Improviser Nicole Passmore returns to talk twin bands, joint stiffness, and monster movies.

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Actor and improviser Ryan Beil returns to talk plays, Europe, and indoor activities.

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Comedian and actress Kayla Lorette returns to talk eggs, Christmas present panic, and more small town pizza delivery. Plus, more goblin talk.

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Comedian Chris Locke returns to talk ‘90s bands, breaking a chair, and a big dam. Also, more What is a Goblin?

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