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Canada's top comedy podcast. Hosted by Graham Clark and Dave Shumka, with weekly guests. Hilarious weekly guests? Yup.
Lauren Martin returns to talk Justin Bieber, astrology, and we stuntcast Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
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Troubadour C.R. Avery joins us to talk Jim Morrison, Iron Man 2, and screen doors.
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Comedian Erica Sigurdson returns to talk Hedonism, Dave's trip to LA, and sustainability.

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Cameron Reed joins us to talk award shows, the Lost finale, and celebrities who look like they smell bad.

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4-timer Charlie Demers stops by to talk comfortable footwear, comic strips, and  fake bands.

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Ryan Beil returns to talk To Catch A Predator and tribute bands, then we open a package.

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No guest this week, as we talk about feeling like hoboes in fancy restaurants and getting beaten up in high school. Then we do Don't Get Me Started and Drunk Dials.

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Comedian Bita Joudaki returns to talk pop starlets, Freddy Krueger, and beer with ice.

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Comedian Josh Stubbs joins us to talk Haiku, Barbitsu, and play a round of Graham's Dad's Movie Reviews.

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Comedian Jason Bryden returns to talk about Foursquare, fatherhood, and Conan O'Brien.

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Comedians Jordan Morris and Chris Fairbanks join us to talk about wrestling, Regis, and Jim Carrey's early years.

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Comedian Allyson Smith joins us for some The View-style hot topics including free speech and helping the janitor.

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Comedian Mike Thomas joins us to talk about animal saints and Joe DiMaggio (not the baseball player, the literary device), then we make a big announcement with Jesse Thorn, then we do some overheards. Happy? Happy.

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Nicole Passmore returns to talk kissing, creeps, and Ke$ha.

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No guest this week as we talk about The Oscars, female jockstraps, and we design a Teen Wolf video game.

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Comedian Ivan Decker returns to wrap up the Olympics, cool penguins, and gettin' tipsy with some drunk dials.

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Improviser/writer/etcetera Diana Frances joins us to talk leather pants, cruising, and more Olympics.

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Artist Ehren Salazar joins us to talk more about the Olympics, Stephen Colbert, and skipping stones.  Unfortunately, this episode is cut short by tech troubles.

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Kevin Lee returns and we basically just talk about The Olympic opening ceremonies and a shirt made out of pizza.

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Graham's brothers join us for our 100th Episode Murder Mystery Spooktacular, featuring appearances by Paul F. Tompkins, Adam Lisagor, Emmett Hall, Abby Campbell, Lou Ferrigno, and Russell Johnson (The Professor from Gilligan's Island).

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Improviser/actor/Stargate technician Gary Jones joins us to talk commercial auditions, tarantulas, and dog whispering.

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Improviser Taz VanRassel returns to talk about generations, skipping rope, and Golden Tee.
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Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat joins us to talk gambling, box office flops, and Sex Rehab.
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Sara Bynoe returns to talk about getting punched in the face, grinding, and Avatar.
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Episode 95 - Mark Shumka Dave's brother joins us and we have nothing to talk about. Fortunately he brought notes.
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Scott Simpson of You Look Nice Today joins us to talk about fantasizing, Rockettes, and DeLoreans.
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Alicia Tobin returns for our Holiday Extravaganza. We donate in one another's names to celebrity charities, and we are visited by three ghosts... by which I mean guests: Bita Joudaki, Kaitlin Fontana, and The Knights Of The Night.
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Emmett Hall returns to talk about partying, the apocalypse, and the self-checkout line.
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Dave and Graham are all alone and choose to badmouth Germans and go goo-goo for GaGa.
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Morgan Brayton returns to talk theatre, Rainn Wilson, and hill people.
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Comedian and Debaters host Steve Patterson joins us to talk energy drinks, Gowan, and motivational speaking.
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Comedian Mike Paterson joins us to talk about Quebec, tribute bands, and wrestling.  Then we come up with stage names for ourselves.
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Paul Anthony returns to talk about Canadian showbiz, TGIF, and Joan Rivers.  Also, we rank the teen heart-throbs.
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Conor Holler of Bronx Cheer returns to talk Halloween, racism in wrestling, and taste test some jellybeans.
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Graham's off his deathbed and we're back to talk about moving, cologne, and debut Dave & Graham's Favourite Things.
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Comedian Jon Dore joins us for a good, old-fashioned insanitycast. Seriously, I don't know what this is.
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Comedian Rory Scovel joins us to talk about comedy tours, Mexican cinema, and swords.
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Comedian Paul F. Tompkins joins us live at the Vancouver Comedy Fest to talk about leaving New York, learning to drive, and the fall TV schedule.
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Abby Campbell returns to talk about MTV, bachelor parties, and Wilmer Valderrama.
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Improviser and pitchman Alistair Cook joins us to talk about missing teeth, plan songs, and ballet school.
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Comedian Erica Sigurdson is back to talk about video stores, boot camp, and sad prank calls.
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No guest this week as we talk about Quentin Tarantino, house parties, and Oprah's Favorite Things.
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Improviser/Comedian/Actor/et cetera Pat Kelly joins us to talk about shoveling snow, embarrassment, mustaches, and graffiti.
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Comedian Lachlan Patterson joins us to talk bumper stickers, camping, and idiot savants.
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Comedian Jane Stanton joins us to talk baby goats, baby sheep, playing the avoid card, and don't get us started.
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Three-timer Charlie Demers joins us to talk Just For Laughs, fireworks, and we stuntcast Star Wars.  Recorded live at The Biltmore Cabaret in East Vancouver.
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Crafter and improviser Becky Johnson joins us as we go crazy from the heat, get depressing, and talk about Square One.
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Adam Lisagor of You Look Nice Today joins us to talk clowns, kid magazines, and Nickelodeon.
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Improviser Brad MacNeil joins us to do a segment lightning round, Dave doesn't edit out the juicy parts, and Graham comes down with a case of Cool Runnings.
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Comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries joins us to talk Community College ads, fluoride, and Denis Leary.
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Podcaster, comedian, writer Devon Lougheed joins us to talk MJ, drunk dialing, and being age inappropriate.
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Improvisor/Sketch Performer/Writer Kaitlin Fontana joins us to talk ghosts, Star Trek conventions, and apathetic audiences.

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Musician, filmmaker, and former comedian Jimmy Barnes joins us to talk about such topics as shirtlessness, base jumping, and fake David Lee Roth.
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Podcaster, ex-comedian, and Archie expert, Kliph Nesteroff joins us to talk college radio, Archie comics, and roofing techniques.
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Comedian Paul Breau joins us to talk dog attacks, mayonnaise, and our fractured understanding of the camera obscura.
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This week we go without a guest and pass the savings on to you. We talk summer blockbusters, what makes Dave tick, and learn about your neighbourhood characters.
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Jason Bryden joins us for our first live podcast, recorded May 15, 2009 at Cafe Deux Soleils in Vancouver. After getting to know us, we do some audience Overheards, and the greatest Graham's Dad Movie Review segment ever, featuring Graham's Dad.
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Sketch comedian Cam MacLeod joins us to give nicknames to our neighbourhood characters, talk about being handcuffed, and more prom-talk.
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Comedian Paul Myrehaug joins us for a real dudecast as we discuss bush parties, prom, and Baywatch.
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Artist and musician Chris von Szombathy joins us to talk about The Soloist, high-speed rail, and Garfield.  We also stuntcast Popeye.
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Improvisor and sketch machine Nicole Passmore joins us to talk Ghostbusters 2, failed firsts, and we stuntcast Golden Girls (a real challenge).
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Writer/Comedian/Improviser Ian Boothby joins us to talk about The Spike Awards, candy, and vitamins.
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Dan Werb of Woodhands returns to talk SXSW, movie soundtracks, and crack.
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Improviser Ryan Beil joins us for a laugh-fest fueled by Elvis, Smashmouth, and Expo Ernie.
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Comedy beat reporter Guy MacPherson joins us to discuss why he is incapable of laughter, Jack Johnson, and French fries.
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Comedian Adam Pateman joins us to talk Africa, haircuts, and pitch a reality show.
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We are once again guestless as we talk Watchmen, Jessica Alba, and we debut a new segment called Don't Get Me Started.
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We float guestlessly through such topics as the Oscars, soul food, Jenny McCarthy, and we stuntcast Point Break.
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Improviser Kevin Lee joins us and we talk giant burgers, we get fed up with blokes, we do some Graham's dad movie reviews, and we play a round of Fisher or Adams.
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Comedian Ivan Decker returns to help us celebrate the big 5-0 with some science, personal ads, and Pizza Hut pasta.
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Comedian and improvisor Bita Joudaki joins us for a gigglefest, some Degrassi talk, and a rating of contemporary pop stars.
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Hockey bloggers Mike Halford and Jason Brough of Orland Kurtenblog join us to talk sports, Tupac conspiracy theories, and actual Canadian blokes.
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Sketchy comedian Craig Anderson joins us to talk about the conventions of music videos, sandwiches, and Canadian blokes.  We also stuntcast The X-Files.
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Comedian Alicia Tobin joins us for a gigglefest in which we talk about more extraordinary blokes, we eat Graham Bumpers, and we play that WebMD game. Enough with the Johnny Dakota callbacks.
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In our first show of '09, we're joined by comedian Toby Hargrave, with whom we discuss infomercials, snow, Snow, and extraordinary blokes.
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Improviser Taz VanRassel joins us to talk Christmas releases, wrestling tag teams, and iPod battles.  We stuntcast Archie and crown our Official American Listener.  It could be you.
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Dan Werb of Woodhands joins us for our Holiday Special '08.  We talk Japan, play Celebrity Crush Hat, and open our Secret Santa gifts.  Emmett Hall and Craig Anderson also stop by to offer glad tidings of great joy.
Direct download: Episode_43_-_Dan_Werb.mp3
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Comedian David Tsonos joins us to talk about Christmas music, dancin', and Bill Cosby's cinematic missteps.
Direct download: Episode_42_-_David_Tsonos.mp3
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Filmmaker and former child actor A.J. Bond joins us to talk brushes with Speedman, films (movies), and tons more time travel.
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Abby Campbell is back to talk dreadlock beards, Jessica Simpson, and fanmail.  We also get serious about our Official American Listener.
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Actress, comedian, and former YTV PJ (What? I know, right?!), Marjorie Malpass joins the boys to talk Truck Nuts, Canadian show biz, and play a round of Tom Jane or Aaron Eckhart.
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Musician/animator/cartoonist Emmett Hall joins us to talk armored men and unlikely pranks. We also unveil two new segment songs, stuntcast Star Trek - The Next Generation, and get everybody's name wrong.
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Comedian and writer Erica Sigurdson joins us to talk bees, horse racing, and Hancock.  We unveil some kind of prank segment too.
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Comedian and actor Sam Easton stops by to entertain us with stories of Hollywood and the road, and then tons of dirty stuff.  We also play a round of Bow Wow or Romeo.
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Road Hockey Rumble's Mark McGuckin joins us to talk Canadian Thanksgiving, West Edmonton Mall, and David Bowie's gritty 70's cop drama.  We also stuntcast Night Court.
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Comedian Simon King stops in to talk about athletes in commercials and human statues.  We also blow the lid off a new segment.
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Actor and comedian Morgan Brayton stops by to talk donkey basketball, bad movies, and what it would probably be like to live on a ranch.
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Stephen Sim and Lee White of Crumbs join us to talk ginger ale conspiracies and modern rock frontmen.
Direct download: Episode_32_-_Crumbs.mp3
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We get juvenile with TV's Jon Dore of The Jon Dore Television Show.  Then he farts into the microphone and ruins the world.
Direct download: Episode_31_-_Jon_Dore.mp3
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Brooklyn-based comedy mindblower Reggie Watts joins the boys to talk about sweatpants, trophies, and the Muppets.
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Big time hilario Charlie Demers returns to talk summer movies, Celebrity Crush Beret, and the stunt cast of Growing Pains. It's a 90-minute gigglefest... for us.
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We welcome comedy multi-tasker David Milchard for some Britpop talk, a round of Celebrity Odds, and a couple classic rock twisted tunes.
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Soon-to-be-former-Vancouver comedian Dylan Rhymer stops by to talk capes, Canadian talk shows, and Arsenio Hall. We read some mail, and Ottawa correspondent Brad MacNeil counts down his favourite episodes.
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Graham's brother Dan stops by to tell embarrassing bathtub stories from Graham's youth.  Not really, but recap Kid Rock's Olympic-sized Summer '08.
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Comedian Kyle Bottom pops in to talk Joe Rogan, Sha-poopies, and late night chat lines.  Also, we stunt-cast Three's Company.
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A bona fide summer episode.  From Edmonton, comedian Sean Lecomber stops by to school us on Slurpees, waterslides, and the two Coreys.
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Comedian and sketch performer Paul Bae joins us to discuss blue collar food, Blue Collar TV, and blue collar Tim McGraw.  We also write a new Hockey Night in Canada theme, in case you were worried the podcast wasn't Canadian enough.
Direct download: Episode_23_-_Paul_Bae.mp3
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Comedian Seth Perry joins the boys to talk sex education, teen pregnancy, and play a round of Burt or Ryan... Reynolds.
Direct download: Episode_22_-_Seth_Perry.mp3
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Actress and comedian Lauren Martin joins us to talk about Flava Flav's new show, sex movies, and Full House stuntcasting.  Meanwhile, Dave uses the phrase "on the nose" "way too often."
Direct download: Episode_21_-_Lauren_Martin.mp3
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Comedy renaissance man Conor Holler joins us to discuss rival podcasts, a possible sister podcast, and the Breakfast Club stunt cast.  TRANCE!
Direct download: Episode_20_-_Conor_Holler_1.mp3
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