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Emmett Hall returns to talk work parties, changing in public, and swords.

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Charlie Demers returns for this holiday episode to talk babymaking, trendy foods, and guns. Then we do our annual Secret Santa exchange.

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For our 300th episode celebration, Dave and Graham challenge each other to a trivia showdown based on the show's history.

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Comedian Lynn Shawcroft joins us to talk dentists, Febreze marketing, and magicians.

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Musician Hawksley Workman joins us to talk savage housecats, flat tires, and haunted schools.

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Comedian JJ Whitehead joins us to talk potato famines, Extreme Cheapskates, and rubbies.

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Comedian Dave Martin joins us to talk fast food lore, Moneyball, and TLC.

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Aaron Read of the Sunday Service returns to talk cat cafes, dating shows, and House of Cards.

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Sarah Szloboda returns to talk abandoned zoos, Phil Collins, and Orange is the New Black.

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Alicia Tobin returns to talk homemade deodorant, rock concerts, and flying low.

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Comedian Dino Archie joins us to talk Canadian chip flavours, street fistfights, and flaming phones.

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Phil Hanley returns to talk Norway, Metallica, and smoking.

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Katie-Ellen Humphries returns to talk gut stuff, road rage, and game shows.

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Jayden Pfeifer returns to talk Pauly Shore, bowling, and fight avoidance.

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Comedian Glenn Wool joins us to talk druids, sugar, and cut-off shorts.

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Mark Chavez of the Pajama Men joins us to talk cabarets, Canadian country music, and Mad About You.

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Abby Shumka returns to talk driving school, Chubby Checker's non-Twist hits, and Graham's month in Scotland.

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No guest this week as we discuss house parties, Mel Gibson, and not wanting to work vs. wanting to bang on the drums all day.

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Charlie Demers returns to talk babymaking, lottery tickets, and game shows.

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Jane Stanton joins us to talk about the economy of doll hairs, Great Wolf Lodge, and bachelor auctions.

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Comedian Andy Kallstrom joins us to talk moving to England, baseball food, and plumbing.

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Erica Sigurdson returns to talk amateur midwifery, food carts, and a squirrel king.

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Ember Konopaki joins us to talk numbers, movie theatres, and Girl Meets World.

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Adam Pateman returns to talk marsupials, viral videos, and lying.

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Comedian Christophe Davidson joins us to talk bikemaking, ants, and Cloud Atlas.

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We present this episode out of order due to timely events. Pro wrestler Colt Cabana joins us to talk about a shooting we all witnessed. And also wrestling, of course.

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Caitlin Howden returns to talk puppets, playing bridge, and Graham visits a sensory deprivation tank.

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Odds frontman Craig Northey joins us to talk high school dances, tipping, and Gangnam Style chicken.

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Comedian Dana Gould joins us to talk acting method, taco spills, and conspiracy parents.

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Comedian Kyle Bottom returns to talk giving up World of Warcraft, a bizarre plant woman, and an electrifying city crew. We also count down the top 10 horses.

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Comedian Sean Proudlove returns to talk taxi stories, big salads, and accidental extra work.

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Nicole Passmore returns to talk house parties, Taco Bell, and crows.

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Comedian Brett Martin joins us to talk cowboys, furnace jingles, and mayor stuff.

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Comedian Damonde Tschritter returns to talk trucking, barbecue, and penguins.

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Cam MacLeod returns to talk birthdays, cherry blossoms, and eye contact.

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Josh Stubbs returns to talk Stan Lee, Swedish CornNuts, and Portland gas pumps.

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Comedian Ivan Decker returns to talk 10 Commandments, cereal mascots, and Siskel and Ebert.

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No guest this week as we talk barbers, the apocalypse, and top fives. Also, Drunk Dials makes its return.

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Brent Butt returns to talk Yoo-Hoo, squirrels, and free pizza. Also, your chance to win an awesome Hulk Hogan News stained glass window during the MaxFunDrive.

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Comedian Karen O'Keefe joins us to talk extra work, dog lasers, Powder, and Fanta Tweets. And this is week one of the #MaxFunDrive. Support us at

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Comedian Kevin Banner joins us to talk attempted murder, talking to strangers, and seaplanes.

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Comedian Lachlan Patterson returns to diaper stuff, millionaires, and bowling. Plus, more lessons learned from Flex Magazine.

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Comedian Michelle Shaughnessy returns to talk ugly blondes, pointless pets, and an uncomfortable taxi ride.

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Hari Kondabolu joins us to talk basements, Karate Kid, and parkour.

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Kevin Lee returns to talk black metal, beer koozies, and a Tina Turner tribute.

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Comedian Paul F. Tompkins returns to talk shoe jingles, wakeboarding dogs, and a butt website. Also, Dave discovers Flex Magazine.

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Comedian Jon Dore returns to talk dog pranks, juice cleansing, and how to spend fifty bucks.

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Comedian Chris Gordon returns to talk about needles, vocal jazz, and comedy's greatest reveals.

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Comedian Charlie Demers returns to talk professoring, pigeons, and the weird kid in class.

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Recorded live at MaxFunCon East at Pocono Manor on October 28. Comedian Hari Kondabolu joins us and we spend about 90 seconds tearing a Hulk Hogan shirt off Graham.

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Improviser Devin Mackenzie joins us to talk scones, The Carrie Diaries, and ATM estimates.

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Recorded live from the YYComedy Festival in Calgary, Alberta on September 27, 2012 with guests Ryan Belleville, Amanda Brooke Perrin, and Graham's dad.

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Comedian Allyson Smith returns to talk about the worst scary movies, New Year's resolutions, and Graham's travels with a muscle woman.

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Comedian Mark Little joins us to talk midlife crises, haggling, and monster heritage.

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Comedian Rory Scovel returns to talk about the invention of basketball, winter Slurpees, and Graham's embarrassing moment.

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