Stop Podcasting Yourself
Canada's top comedy podcast. Hosted by Graham Clark and Dave Shumka, with weekly guests. Hilarious weekly guests? Yup.

Everybody, this episode is pure joy. Alicia Tobin returns to talk about her new podcast and book, Seal, communicating through music, and street fights.

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Caitlin Howden returns to talk about the Women's World Cup, a cataclysmic earthquake, and an '80s movie marathon. Also, the sad conclusion of Hulk Hogan News.

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Christine Bortolin returns to talk about buildings with names, sweat techniques, and cartoonish glue.

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Cam Macleod returns to talk allergies, Father's Day, and the return of beard painting.

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No guest this week as we talk about Ron Popeil, grapes, and ghosts.

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